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goulin.gif (11096 bytes) Master Ling Guan Ming

The founder of Guolin New Qigong was Ling Guan Ming or Ling Mei Shu, Better known as Guo Lin, she was born in Guang Dong Chung Sun, China on 8th June 1909 and passed away on 14th December 1984.

According to the head of Chinese Qigong Scientific Research Society, Mr. Chang Cheng Nang, Guolin was the person who popularised the Chinese Qigong after the reformation of China.

Master Guolin's motto was "Develop New Qigong For The Sake of The Community".

Her father passed away when she was two years old. She spent her childhood with her grandfather, a Taoist practitioner, who passed on his knowledge of "Tongzi Gong" and "Huatuo Wuqinxi Qigong" to her. Guolin was a Chinese painter. As a teenager, she had travelled all over China to promote her drawings, paintings and artistic work. During her course of traveling, she met people from different schools of Qigong and visited numerous Qigong masters who had helped to build a strong foundation in her study in Qigong in her later years. After China was attacked by Japan, Guolin was forced to discontinue with her Qigong practice. After this termination, she was diagnosed to be suffering from diseases like heart trouble, tuberculosis, arthritis and even cancer. She underwent 6 major and minor surgeries and suffered from the threat of death. She never gave up because she could not leave go her mother and daughter who were staying overseas. She kept telling herself that she must not die, she must save her own life! She then started to pick up Qigong which she had learnt since her childhood to cure her diseases. She realized that she was not at peace with death threatening her from every corner . Therefore she tried to apply movements from "Huatuo Wuqinxi Qigong " and combined them with the breathing principle of traditional Qigong to create a new style of movements to encourage diseased cells and organs to heal. She succeeded and she survived a miracle. Qigong was able to cure her sickness, could she use it to save others as well? Then, she decided to help others with Qigong. On one hand, she carried out her mission practically and on the other hand she read a lot on ancient Qigong and various modern medicine. She carried out research on the principal of Chinese medicine, learnt Western physiology, anatomy and pathology. She put all her effort on her research and studies and she even wrote books. She could not afford to buy expensive books, hence she copied them while reading in book shop. This touched the owner of the shop that he lent her the books to copy and return them the following day.

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