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The Butterworth Guolin New Qigong Centre is a non-profit making organisation with the objective to offer Qigong lessons to its members who consist of cancer patients and non-cancer patients.

This centre was formed in 1993 where Qigong lessons were officially tenant to its members on 18th February 1998. As to date, the centre has a total number of 700 members and 2/3 of them are non-cancer patients.

The Centre's Principle:

  • To promote the three "SELF" spirit i.e. "Never give up yourself", "Entertain & enjoy yourself" and "Self-rescue & help each other"
  • Encourage patients to aggressively seek for modern medical consultation and treatment, traditional Chinese medication, Western medication that includes the distinctive Chinese characteristics, practise Guolin Qigong, obtain psychological assistance and complement it with a balance and healthy diet to achieve the optimal result of fighting cancer.

Each year, the centre organises activities, conducts seminars, training classes and holiday packages for members to gain wide knowledge and updates on how to combat cancer.

We welcome you to explore our Butterworth Guolin New Qigong Centre and the services it offers.

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